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Is outsourcing your marketing a good idea?

This is a question that many business owners ask themselves at some point during the development years of their business. The answer depends on two things:

1. Has your business grown rapidly and you find yourself not having the time to do effective marketing while still managing all the other aspects of your growing business?

2. Do you or your team have the necessary skills and experience to do the functional and creative marketing you need to do in order to grow your business?

If you answered no to one or both of these questions, then outsourcing your marketing may be the direction you need to take.

Marketing helps to power your business, even the biggest companies rely on marketing to reach their customers. Marketing is effective, but it is not easy, and it costs you money, whether you do it yourself or whether you outsource.

Here are 5 benefits of outsourcing your marketing:

1. It saves you time

A business owners’ primary goal is to make sure every aspect of the business is running effectively. Your focus should be on business development and often there is little to no time to become a marketing expert. An option is to hire a marketing team, and this leads us into the next benefit.

2. Not having to employ marketing staff

Investing in marketing staff is a high cost for businesses which often for the right people means higher salaries, development opportunities, employee benefits, etc. This is not always a realistic option for a business in the early years of development. In addition you would also need to consider employing a team of people who has expertise in various aspects of marketing, like a graphic designer for your brand and design work, or a marketing manager to managing your above the line marketing and a digital marketing expert to manage your online channels. Having a marketing agency who specialises in planning and executing your marketing strategy means you have access to all these areas of expertise as well as to marketing tools and resources, which takes us to the next benefit.

3. Access to tools and resources

In addition to having access to experienced marketing teams, a marketing company also has access to tools and resources that most businesses will not have. This means that your business can leverage the time and expertise of a team who not only knows how to use these tools and resources, but who knows how to best to bring value to your business from it. At G and T Impressions we have access to tools that will aide your business in its graphic design, marketing management and digital marketing efforts.

4. Better performance

Poor marketing is a major reason why many businesses fail in South Africa. No business can afford costly marketing errors. Working with a marketing company means you can and should expect the best possible results. A marketing company is easily replaced; therefore, they are motivated to ensure that you are happy with their work so they can retain your business. In addition they are also in the best position to report back on your businesses marketing efforts, sharing and interpreting marketing analytics that will ensure your business continues to grow with effective marketing and achieve a return on investment.

5. Helps you achieve or exceed your sales targets

The biggest measure of success for most business is sales performance. The primary goal of your marketing efforts should therefore be to gain sales for your business. This means that the graphic design materials, marketing promotions, and digital marketing efforts should all be developed to meet sales targets, in a strategic way. A marketing company is tasked with the challenge to meet these targets as a measure of their success.

Marketing is especially important to your business, without good marketing, a business cannot run. How do you decide the best option for your business, do you hire an in-house marketing team, do you use a marketing company or do a combination of both? It all depends on your business needs, management style, experience, capacity, and the budget you have available.

Outsourcing your marketing brings a fresh perspective to your business, saves you time, brings knowledge & experience, demands better performance and helps you achieve or exceed your sales targets.

Give your business its best chance of success.

Need help with your marketing?

We have over 11 years of experience in marketing, and can help your business with graphic design, marketing management and digital marketing strategies.

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